Providing a Foundation…

The foundation of your network is your cabling structure. Is it capable of supporting your technology needs of today, tomorrow and the future? Increasing bandwidth requirements and evolving network demands – voice, video and multimedia applications – are putting more and more pressure on each element of your cabling system.

SharpTech is partnered with industry leading suppliers and installs only the best Category 5E, Category 6/6A and Fiber Optic cabling and components. SharpTech wiring specialists are trained, factory certified and experienced in the latest technologies of data and voice wiring solutions.

Whether you require a move, add or change to your existing structure or are planning to build a new facility, We will meet your business needs and standards.

Our Services

  • Data and Voice Cabling – We offer installation of Cat 3/5E/6/6A, Fiber Optic cabling , Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing, and Coax cabling (RG-58/RG-6).
  • Hardware – We provide and install all the necessary racks, patch panels, jacks and cables.
  • Documentation – We label cables per TIA/EIA standards and provide documentation of finished installation.
  • Certification – All installations are tested to the latest applicable IEEE and EIA/TIA standards. Installations are covered by extensive factory warranties.