Our Approach…

It’s simple – we build long-term relationships – which in turn become partnerships. Successful solutions are created from the client’s knowledge of their business and the technical experience of the SharpTech Solutions team.

We believe that successful technology solutions begin with effective communication. We engage our clients as active partners; the first thing we do is listen. This allows us to “step inside” your business and understand your technology needs – both current and future.

We know the technology challenges that businesses face today. Technology can be overwhelming and hard to understand. We help our clients understand today’s technology – in a language you can understand – and how to transform I.T. into solutions that work for you. Our approach is straight forward, cost effective, simple and friendly.


We are committed to our customers. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and our staff strives as a team to accomplish that goal.


We build partnerships – built on communication, teamwork, service, education and a passion for technology – each committed to our mutual success.


We offer value to our customers by providing services and solutions with the expertise and flexibility to contribute to your business.


We provide our customers with competitive rates. We offer complete fixed-priced solutions as well as time-and-material, or hourly rate-based services. We believe that quality does not have to be expensive.


Through our relationships, we build loyalty. We do everything in our power to create loyal customers. Our existing customers continue to be our best source for new referrals.

IT Services

SharpTech knows that every business is different! Your technology needs are not the same as the business next door, but whether you have six employees or 600, the right IT support is crucial to your success. We offer custom-designed IT support plans that fit your business!  Our proactive managed services allow you to focus on your core business – not supporting and managing your IT infrastructure with in-house resources.

  • SharpShield – Is an entry level offering to our proactive manages services.  You get the full benefits of 24/7 monitoring and management of the core infrastructure, patch management, data backup, and a fractional CIO for a modest fixed monthly fee. Support services are provided on an as-needed basis and are priced per response on an hourly rate. With SharpShield, your IT director is just a call away!
  • SharpShield+ – For more inclusive round-the-clock IT Management Services, we offer SharpShield+. We provide monitoring, planning, and support for your IT systems and your employees/users. The flat monthly fee lets you plan your budgets and gives you unlimited access to SharpTech services.
On Demand Services

Your Personal IT department – Only when you need it.

As a small business, you may not need IT support all the time. But when you do… SharpTech know’s you need it NOW. With just a simple phone call, you can have access to a full IT support team that is ready to solve your problem and keep your business running efficiently.

SharpTech On demand services allows you…

  • A complete IT department at your disposal – expert support when you need it
  • Economical– pay only for what you need, as you need it
  • Rapid response – keeping your business running as efficiently as possible

Our on demand IT services provide you with rapid, expert technology services that are always a phone call .

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is leveling the playing field between large and small companies. With cloud services, your business can access technology and resources that may have once been out of your budget’s reach.  SharpTech can implement cloud solutions that will give your business more technological freedom at a fraction of what it would have cost in the past.

  • Data Backup—No more server rooms! Expensive infrastructure is becoming a thing of the past as cloud solutions relieve small and medium business of the expense, and headaches of maintaining the hardware required to manage their day-to-day technological needs. SharpTech can integrate your business with custom designed cloud-based tools that store, protect and backup all of your important data.
  • E-Mail—Share all your calendars and contacts, company-wide. Access your email from anywhere via the web, integrate with mobile devices. SharpTech Solutions will use the cloud to give your business all of the best tools for corporate communication and team collaboration, sparing you the chore of owning and maintaining your own server and software
  • Office 365— Boost your productivity with reliable access anywhere with services like email, calendar, file sharing, web conferencing, instant messaging, and web apps.

The benefit of outsourcing you IT system

Everyone knows how vital computer systems are today.
We understand that your success comes from focusing on your business, not your computer network.

  • Cost reduction

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  • 24/7 365 coverage

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  • Specialized skills

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  • Improved security and protection